Hey peeps

Puteri Nur Aisyah. will turn up 16 this coming December. have crush on Nazdmi.


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you serious?/

when i saw your picture during the graduation day, there's a lot of thing came out on my mind.
you serious?

will leave me alone here?

will go far apart from me?

will not let me to stare at you like usually?

then, I answer all the questions above and the answer is yes, you're serious. then suddenly, the others questions came out. 

why you didn't reply me?

why you didn't approve me?

why you never talk to me?

why you don't feel the same way like how i feel?

do you ever realize my existent?

do you ever realize that i always keep staring you?

do you? 

Sunday, 14 October 2012 Add Comment [0]