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Puteri Nur Aisyah. will turn up 16 this coming December. have crush on Nazdmi.


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sorry if I've changed.

people changed, so do I. 
          i realize that I have changed this lately. I realize that we aren't closed like how we used to be. aku rindu nak lepak dgn kau. tapi ntah, hati ini berubah tanpa diduga (omg sweetnya) aku terasa awkward nak lepak dgn kau sekarang. sebab, maybe aku jealous kot dgn dp kau.. huhuhuhuhuuhuhuhuhh. i don't feel special to you at all :( i fl like only me take you as a bestfriend bbut you doesn't. yelah you have your own bestfriend kan? what a s4dlif3 ..

kenapa rasa macam kelakar sangat post yang ni?  lol. whatever it is. i really miss you. i bet you're busy with your spm and i'm freaking busy with my final exam. maybe after we both are free then we can be like before? 

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