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Puteri Nur Aisyah. will turn up 16 this coming December. have crush on Nazdmi.


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paper and eraser

hi :)

sometimes I wonder why this feeling is hard to go away? why it stuck inside? yknow mayn, it hurt me so much and too much. i wish..

i wish i can throw you away from my heart.

i wish i can forget you.

i wish i never know you.

i wish we never meet.

i wish i never have any feelings towards you.

i wish for everything i wish will come true.

but suddenly i realize, those shits already happened. we can never turn back time. i need to accept it and swim over it. whatever it is, im the one who have crush on him and not him tho and now, this is what i get. T_T 

why can't this feelings go away?

why it's hard for me to move on?

why I can't put u away from my heart?

why did you stuck in my mind?

why i'm exaggerate this stupid things ? (lol)

why ? why?


if and only my feelings can be write by a pencil and being erase by an eraser,
i bet you, my life will be easier. 

no heart broken

no missing

no loving

no waiting.

psst: too over eh? haha what i care doh? 

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