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Puteri Nur Aisyah. will turn up 16 this coming December. have crush on Nazdmi.


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Assalamualaikum and good evening kids :P

who have a bestfriend? put ya hands up ! (if you  follow, you're..... lol)
    i do have a bestfriend. i have a lot actually, but yeah, let me share with y0u 0oLlss about this one girl.

okay, don't say anything. i know that I look so pretty in the picture above (yeah i know that's a fact) (please do not deny it) (lol) 
here, she's Nur Amanina bt Ahmadi. shes my classmate since this year and be closed with me on February maybe. Nina actually my primary schoolmate but i didn't realize she were exist. well, she isn't h0wTt like me. hahaah :P  

You know, she's a bit crazy and random sometime. She understand me, she always cheer me up, make me smile, annoyed me, be my singer, be my English teacher, my partner, my lesbian and the important one, my future crush since my crush will finish his school end of this year. hUKhuKhuK. fyi, She always listen to my so-bosan-story-about-my-crush. like yeah, everyday i will share the same thing and the same topics with her. even i can feel her bored-ness tho but i don't care, nina should put her ears on my mouth lewls. 

Hey Nina a.k.a Ani, i hope and i will always pray that you have the courage to talk and the fate with your Bulat. sorry if selama kita berkawan, i hurt you or burdening you or anything bad. hmm i know that I'm so sweeet like a sugar. huhuhu. dont forget to get me some breakfast yeah? an on't forget to give my blog to Nami !  (i'm kidding) (this is serious) 

i have nothing to say. so, bye.

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