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Puteri Nur Aisyah. will turn up 16 this coming December. have crush on Nazdmi.


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Hey You !

assalammualaikum c:

Today I wanna write about this one girl which is my bestfriend that I meet on Twitter.she's kind of cute and bit crazy like me too :p I already posted about her before I guess~ but never mind.

here she is ! Nurul Izwanie Izhar. a girl who is easily to cry and hard to move on. Even we both know each other through Twitter but we are close like we have been a bestfriend since 9373867357686273684792 years ago. lol. now she is sad because of her friends. She asked them apologies but they don't even give a damn on her and then, she cried (she is kind of a sensitive girl tho :p) but don't worry, I always be by her side  ;) from this post, I have something to say. 

        dear izwanie,like what I told you before, people judge us by our past and no one will realize when we had changed unless if you doing something bad and people realize it. You should stop crying. your tears are meaningless. no one care if you cry over the shits even me too. so you need to wide awake ! wake up wanie wake up ! tell the world and prove to them that you had changed. you're not the old you. let the assholes talking bad about you, let them be. Show them that you can smile and laugh without them (if you wont them in your life lah) but yeah, If I be you, I will force them to accept my apology yeah you know, you guys be a good friend since standard 5. don't you your friendship hun? think positive. take a right step indeed. Do not exaggerate a little thing ;)

only that from your cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee friend :P see ya !

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