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Puteri Nur Aisyah. will turn up 16 this coming December. have crush on Nazdmi.


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I thought I can be strong without you here . I also believe that I can be 'ok' without you .
I thought I can forget you .  I also believe you're gone  from my life .
but I think It is  wrong . false and so on .

you still in my mind  still in my heart . still with me  wherever I goes . and my love towards you still  stand strong in my heart  . its not easy to forget someone we love and I mean it you boy . yeahh you.

you teach me to love you . you teach me to miss you .you teach me lots of things . but you forget to teach me how to forget you .
even that , I try to teach my own self to forget you even thought its like  HELL .

your ego make me hard to forget you . you told your friend , you told my sister melissa that you love me , you still love me . but you take no action ! but , what you told them dare or truth ? I dont know . just ask your own self , and there is the answer .

if you ask me did I love you ? I will say yeahh .
if you ask me , when I can forget you ? i will say , on the day you truthly and seriously forget me .

I'm still hurt with you  .:(  but I just 'watchill' no need  for to show it to you aite ? let I feel it alone . I'LL be okay :')

take a good care . good luck for your PMR . I always pray you get the best . pray for me too peeps . :')
walaupun telah disedarkan ddiri oleh kawan kawan . tapy haty ni haty kte . orang takk rase :*
 p/s : some broken engliish  make a coorection fer me please ? xD

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