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Puteri Nur Aisyah. will turn up 16 this coming December. have crush on Nazdmi.


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The Courage

hi and assalammualaikum..

4th of November :
I already plan with Nina to call our crush to wish them good luck since they are facing their SPM on 5th of November.  we both actually planned to call them at 9 p.m. but yeah I'll be busy that time then I decided to call him that evening (well, I actually can't wait for it :p). I pray to Allah, read bismillah for 100 times then i called him and he picked up my call after the 4th beep. then I heard his voice saying "hello". I'm shaking. Suddenly I turned to a rappers "good luck for your spm, buat yang terbaik, make your parents proud of you and all the best. that's all ! *hang up*" I don't even give him a chance to talk (regret). That day, I feel like really proud because I found the courage to talk to him even though not ftf. But yet, he might think that imma stupid because calling him for no point (i bet you he dont even get what I said)

5th of November:
today is the first day of SPM. i really worry about him. i wonder how the paper goes like? Did he can answer them all? i wish he did.. today they had their Bahasa's paper and tomorrow is English's paper.  From what I know he is weak in English. then i decided to text to wish him good luck with a big hope that he can answer the questions perfectly. okay, I did text him. he did reply me. he ask "sapa ni?" "that one weird girl who said bye to you;3" "okay thanks !" nawhh felt touched because he knw me :3 lol.

why do i found the courage after we both will never meet each other again?!

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